About Us


The Bandar Utama Buddhist Society (“BUBS”)

Building a Dhamma inspired society
History of BUBS

The Bandar Utama Buddhist Society was registered with the Registrar of Societies (Registration no. 364) on 28 March 2000.

From its very inception, the main objectives of the Society have been to promote the understanding, study and practice of the Buddha’s Teachings and the Buddhist way of life. Till date, the Bandar Utama Buddhist Society has held events such as Buddhist cultural and educational activities, social welfare and charitable activities. This is all to foster and bolster the development of fellowship amongst Buddhist groups and individuals. The Society also aims to develop understanding, goodwill and cooperation between the Buddhist community and other similar communities in Malaysia.

The Bandar Utama Buddhist society was initially established to create a place of worship and to promote the Buddha Dhamma to the Buddhist and local communities in Bandar Utama .

Who We Are & What We Do

The Society teaches and practices the Buddha-Dhamma as recorded in the Pali scriptures. This school of Buddhism is known as the Theravada.

Our members are mostly residents of Bandar Utama and the surrounding areas, but we also have members from other parts of Selangor and other states. Although membership is for those aged eighteen and above, everyone is welcome to join in our activities. The Society arranges several services for the benefit of the community. These are:

Buddha Puja on Sundays and other events.
Dhamma School for children.
Dhamma Study Groups.
Meditation instruction and practice.
Dhamma talks by monks and other teachers.
Fellowship and welfare activities.

Membership & Support Details

The Society and the Center are fully financed by the subscriptions of members and donations of supporters. Those who support the aspirations and activities of the Society, and value its importance, may make donations or become a member.

There are two types of membership:

Life Membership at a fee of RM300
Ordinary Membership at a fee of RM50 per calendar year.

Both memberships carry equal privileges. Membership forms are available at the BUBS Center.
saranakaraThere are also many other ways to help BUBS in making its vision a reality. You could:

  • Volunteer your time and valuable services.
  • Support BUBS financially through donations or activity sponsorships.

Spiritual Advisor

Our spiritual Advisor is Ven Saranankara Mahathero.

The Uttama Bodhi Vihara

The Uttama Bodhi Vihara, or Vihara of Supreme Awakening, is the home of our Society. It is more than just a building!

It is a place for practice.

Located in Bandar Utama, the Vihara is a beacon for those seeking out the teachings of the Buddha. Weekly puja or worship, Dhamma talks, classes and group meditation sessions will be offered regularly at the Vihara. It provides an environment that is deeply needed in our daily lives: a place for all people to come and experience the benefits of learning, contemplating and practicing the Buddha’s teachings.

It is a place for growth.

The Vihara features a contemporary architectural design. Importance has been given to the use of natural light and ventilation. The heart of the Vihara is the unique oval-shaped shrine hall used for worship and Dhamma instruction. On the 1st floor is a large hall for meditation and other activities. Ample space is provided for children so that they will have the opportunity to learn the Dhamma and the Buddhist culture that is essential to the continuation of our heritage. Therea are also comfortable Vinaya-compliant rooms for monks and teachers.

It is a place for community.

The Vihara welcomes all who wish to participate. It is open to the public so that all who wish to encounter the Dhamma will have the precious opportunity. It is our wish that the local community will visit and participate in the activities held. We wish that all who walk past its doors may experience the bliss, happiness and peace offered by the Dhamma.

The Vihara is the focal point of the Society’s effort to preserve and effectively transmit the Dhamma. It will stand as a landmark of Dhammaduta initiatives here in the heart of the Klang Valley, Malaysia.